We’ve been on the Polish market since 1989. Our past projects include numerous interesting objects, which were made for companies and corporations well-known in Poland that meet all the expectations related to safety, sustainability, and functionality.
Our activities include first and foremost general execution of construction investments, such as: warehouses, production hall, logistics centres. We also build engineered facilities, exhibition and commercial objects, office buildings, and other similar constructions. We execute our work along with road layouts, infrastructure, necessary connections, networks, and all internal installations.
We have long experience in execution of construction, from the design phase – which assumes economical efficiency of the investment and elimination of negative results of under- or overestimation of investing costs; through execution of construction and installation works conducted according to strictly set standards, basing on the newest technological solutions, to the test start-up, final acceptance and commissioning.
The whole investment process is observed and controlled by a group of experienced and qualified professionals, i.e. designers, construction managers, industry managers, and engineers.
KONSTRUKCJE ŻYWIEC® is not only a company that generally executes investments, but it also is modern machinery, steel construction manufacturer, and installation company which installs constructions, elevations, and roofing.
Thanks to the complex execution of works, control of each construction stage, and cooperation of all of our entities, it is possible to conduct works that are not only smooth and timely, but also cost-effective.